Today’s kids may struggle with motivation more than kids of previous generations, but the good news is that every kid can be taught the skills needed to activate their internal “Motivation Muscle” and conquer all of their goals.

The first step in helping any child overcome their motivation challenges is to understand their motivation personalty. Download my ebook called “The 7 Motivation Types: How To Work With Your Child’s Natural Personality To Encourage Self-Motivation” to identify your child’s motivation personality AND get tips on how to help them learn to activate their ‘Motivation Muscle”.

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I’m Dr. Becca Ballinger. I’m a child psychologist and Modern Parenting expert.

I created The Self-Motivation Success formula as a way to help my own kids when they struggled with this important life skill. Implementing this formula proved so successful with my own family, that I started teaching it to the families in my private practice and I immediately saw success with these kids too.

Want A Quick Overview of The 7 Motivation Personalities?

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The Rebellious Kid

The Smart Kid

The ADHD Kid

The Lack of Confidence Kid

The “What’s In It For Me?” Kid

The Motivated Kid

The “Inconsistent Kid?” Kid