Welcome To My Blog (A Brief IntroductIon)
  Hi! I’m Becca Ballinger – a child psychologist and Modern Parenting Expert. It seems like I became a Modern Parenting Expert mostly by accident. Ten years ago I became a single Mom after 14 years of marriage (my husband came out as a gay man – TOTALLY a LONG story!). This unexpected transition in my life propelled me to stop being so passive about my life and behave in ways that would have a positive impact for the future of myself and my 2 wonderful kids. One way I took charge of my life was by making one of my dreams come true – I had always dreamed of becoming a child psychologist. So, the year I became divorced, I enrolled in a graduate school pretty close to my home, and now I have a wonderful career helping kids and parents who are struggling. Throughout my years of helping families, my colleagues and clients constantly told me that they were impressed with the unique way I handled Modern Parenting issues. I believe that today’s families must face several different topics that the generations of parents before us never had to face – issues such as:
  • Increased pressure to succeed in school which causes our kids to experience WAY more symptoms of depression and anxiety than ever before
  • Motivation problems that cause our kids to want to delay adulthood and remain kids in our households FAR longer than they should
  • Non-traditional family environments that CAN work – if the core concepts of parenting are present
  • The wide availability of social media and the internet, which can be both a blessing and a curse.
I believe that today’s Modern Parents are the BEST generation of parents yet! Why? Because the parents that I come into contact with every day – whether they are my friends, clients, or colleagues – want to raise kids who are interesting, motivated, and moral in spite of the modern challenges that they might face. In addition, today’s Modern Parents want a close and warm relationship with their kids – a relationship that lasts even into their child’s adulthood. As a Modern Parent myself, I wanted the same thing for my little family. My kids are almost grown now – my son is 19 and my daughter is 16 – so I know what it’s like to want to raise classically great kids in a modern world. I think my kids have turned out pretty great in spite of the modern challenges that we faced along the way, mainly due to the fact that I focused on my individual family’s unique passions, values, and beliefs. This blog is where I share my best advice – the little things that I’ve picked up along the way on how Modern Parents can raise classically great kids in a modern world. I’ve used these techniques on my own kids, and I watch these techniques work within my client’s families as well. If you are a parent who is looking for expert scientific advice on how to raise great kids in a world full of modern challenges, then this is the place for you. On average, I publish about 1-2 articles a month. I am also in the process of creating my first-ever parenting course which will teach Modern Parents everything they need to know about helping their child become more self-motivated. If you don’t want to miss a thing, sign up to have my articles sent directly to your email inbox as soon as I publish them. I’ll also keep you updated on the parenting courses that I develop. Just enter your email address below: