Don’t let your child become a victim of today’s Millennial Mindset…You CAN do something about it!!

Today’s millennial Modern Kids are on track to become the laziest and most uninspiring generation yet – but your son or daughter doesn’t have to succumb to this sad fate.

The corporate sector has successfully implemented certain science-backed techniques for several decades to inspire their millennial employees to be more productive, more engaged in their work, and happier on the job.

Now, I’ve taken these same techniques and improved on them in order to fit the specific developmental needs for today’s struggling Modern Kids. I’ve had many years of experience as a child psychologist helping today’s Modern Parents beat the odds and raise great kids in spite of the challenges that plague today’s Modern Kids.

Recent Studies Have Uncovered Frightening Data…

  • The millennial unemployment rate stands at an unfortunate 12.8 percent, compared to the national average of 4.9 percent.
  • Narcissistic personality disorder is nearly three times as high for Millennials compared to earlier generations
  • Three times as many young girls want to be a personal assistant to a famous celebrity rather than go to college for a more practical career
  • Nearly 1-in-3 young people ages 18 to 26 live at home – with one-in-four living idly, meaning they neither go to school or work.

Modern Parents With Particular Skills Are The ONLY Antidote To This Epidemic…

Solving The 6 Most Common Problems Every Modern Parent Faces.

Self-Motivation Success Academy was designed to solve the 6 most common challenges that I’ve been helping my clients with over the years. As a child psychologist, I get many of the same questions about Modern Kids over and over.

Any of These Sound Familiar?
  • How come all my child wants to do all day is sit around and play video games or watch tv?
  • Why doesn’t my child WANT to get good grades in school?
  • Why is it such a battle getting my kid to pick up after themselves or help out at all around the house?
  • Why can’t my child understand that wanting to become a social media star or professional video gamer ISN’T a practical plan for the future?
  • How come my child doesn’t seem concerned about their future?
  • Why can’t I CONNECT with my child the way I want to? I just don’t understand them.

If the above questions have been going around and around in your head lately, don’t worry – you’re not alone. The Self-Motivation Success Academy’s sole purpose is to teach you the science-backed techniques to transform your child from uninspired and lackadaisical to motivated, interesting, and energetic.

Why Invest In The Self-Motivation Success Academy?

The Academy is an online course that includes videos, PDF worksheets, and ebooks intended to allow the parent to learn the techniques on their own timeline. If you’ve got all day or just 20 minutes a day, the convenience of learning through an online course means that you can progress at your own speed. Your access to the course is endless, so your access does not expire.

What Changes Can I Expect To See In My Child?

Your child will learn to:

  • Create their own goals based upon their unique interests and strengths
  • Tolerate uncomfortable tasks such as studying and doing chores
  • Understand that their actions not only affect them, but the people they care about.

What Is The Overall Goal Of This Course?

The goal of The Self-Motivation Success Academy is for your child to independently choose to do the right thing because they realize that doing homework and chores NOW contributes to a great future for them LATER.

The Biggest Risk Is Doing Nothing.
Do Something.

The Self-Motivation Success Academy teaches you all you need to teach your child to be independently self-motivated. The Academy provides you with everything you’ll need to create a home environment where your child has no excuse but to succeed – and it’s backed by scientific research!

What’s In The Course Curriculum?

Courses Become Available Beginning January 1, 2018

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Module 1 – Introduction and Setting YOU Up For Success

LESSON 1: Welcome!
LESSON 2: The 3 Things You Should Pay Attention to in his Course
LESSON 3: How to Get The Most Out of an Online Course

Module 2 – Autonomy: Teaching Your Child Personal Accountability

LESSON 1: The Overall Goal of This Module
LESSON 2: Why Your Current Techniques Aren’t Working
LESSON 3: Teaching Accountability Through Autonomy
LESSON 4: How Parents Create Motivation Through a Strategic Reward & Consequence System
LESSON 5: How To Provide Rewards That Increase Self-Motivation
LESSON 6: How To Provide Consequences That Support The Development of Self-Motivation Skills
LESSON 7: Transformative Autonomy

Module 3 – Mastery: Increasing Your Child’s Self-Confidence and Self-Reliance

LESSON 1: The Overall Goal of This Module
LESSON 2: Intro to Habits and Routines
LESSON 3: How To Help Your Child Set Goals That Encourage Mastery
LESSON 4: Mastery Ingredient #1: Perseverance
LESSON 5: Mastery Ingredient #2: Self-Control
LESSON 6: Mastery Ingredient #3: Handling Failure
LESSON 6: Why Science Says Little Changes Lead To Big Results

Module 4 – Relatedness: Teaching Your Child They Are Part of a Bigger Picture

LESSON 1: The Overall Goal of This Module
LESSON 2: In Order To Develop Intellectually, Your Child MUST Be Able To Relate To Other People
LESSON 3: How to Connect With Your Modern Kid
LESSON 4: The Importance of Peer Connections and How To Encourage Them
LESSON 5: How To Help Your Child See They Are Part of a Bigger Picture

Module 5 – Bonus Materials

BONUS Lesson: What if my Child has a Learning Disability?
BONUS Lesson: How To Use These System in a Divorced Family
BONUS Lesson: Help! My Child Has ADHD!
BONUS Reading List

Free eBook For Signing Up BEFORE January 1…

The secret to maximizing the lessons learned in the Self-Motivation Success Academy? Work with your child’s natural personality type! This free eBook – The 7 Motivation Personality Types – allows you to figure out your child’s motivation personality type so that you can work with them – not against them.

This eBook is free for everyone signing up for the Academy BEFORE JANUAY 1st!!