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I Specialize In Helping Kids & Teens Between The Ages of 8-21 & Their Families

If your family has been experiencing some stressful challenges lately, I can help put you on the path to peace and healing.

Today’s Modern Parents want to raise kids who are happy, self-confident, morally wise, and motivated to pursue their innate gifts and talents – and they definitely want to have a close relationship with their kids.

But what happens when modern challenges (i.e. academic pressures, anxiety/depression, social media, divorce, etc.) threaten this vision for your child?

Or what if your child is telling you that they’re experiencing anxiety, depression, or academic problems even though you feel like you’re doing everything right as a parent?

That’s where Modern Parenting Solutions steps in to help you get your family back on track.

I believe that every family can succeed – no matter what your family looks like (i.e. traditional nuclear family or non-traditional family) or what challenge your child or your family might be going through. I don’t want to waste your time by simply “talking about” your problems – I want to take action and solve your unique family challenge right away.

As such, I only use evidence-based practices to help tweens, teens, young adults, and families overcome the following challenges:


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Kids experience anxiety for a variety of reasons. Some kids are pre-disposed to anxiety, which means they always tend to be more anxious than other kids their age. Maybe anxiety runs in the family. Or maybe a traumatic event is the source of your child’s anxiety. Whatever the etiological reason for your child’s anxiety, there are science-backed techniques for teaching your child to manage their anxiety.

Academic Stress & Anxiety

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Our kids experience so many academic pressures that we never had to go through when we were kids! Kids can become so overwhelmed with academic pressures that they forget to enjoy life or they shut down completely. I can help your child figure out a comfortable balance between academic and family/social goals that enables them to smile again.

Low Self-Esteem

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Low self-esteem is the #1 driver of many childhood psychological issues – anxiety, depression, academic problems, peer problems, etc. I’ve found that when a child or teenager’s self-esteem problems are addressed, then other areas of their lives immediately improve as well. I can help your child be proud of who they are and access the self-confidence they will need to mature into a happy and successful young adult.

Family Member Conflict

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Does your child have difficulty getting along with a particular family member? Or maybe they don’t get along with ANYONE in the family. I can help your child mend these important relationships and positively particiate in the family agiain.


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It is so disheartening to watch a young child or teenager experience depression. I am experienced with using science-backed techniques to help kids manage their depression. I can also partner with their pediatrician or psychiatrist if your child requires medication to help with their depression.

Suicidal Thoughts

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There is nothing more scary than watching a child or teenager struggle with suicidal thoughts. During this situation, I work with both the child and his or her parents to bring safety back into the family unit. Working through suicidal thoughts and urges isn’t an overnight fix, but working with a professional like myself is the first step on the road to wellness.

Motivation Problems

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Does your child seem to not have a vision for their future? Or maybe they just don’t seem interested in anything outside of video games or social media. I can help your child develop self-motivation skills that enable them to function to their full potential – because you know they are caoable of so much more!

Divorced Family Issues

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Just because a family experiences divorce doesn’t mean that they have to be miserable. I have worked with many families who are able to co-parent effectively, introduce new spouses into the family unit, and have kids who enjoy time with BOTH families. It is possible and I can help your family create a system that works for all members of the family.

Harmful Thoughts

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Why do kids harm themselves? Scientific research tells us that this is a form of managing intense emotions, but there are ways to help kids and teenagers find ways to manage their emotions without resorting to self-harm. I have extensive training in working with young people who manage their emotions by harming themselves

Isolation & Loneliness

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The internet, social, media, and other “modern conveniences” has made is super easy for our modern kids to become isolated and lonely. They may feel like they have friends on the internet, but science is finding that online friendships just aren’t the same as face-to-face friends. I can help your child overcome any problems with initiaiting and maintaining important peer relationships.

Problems with Friends

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Some kids struggle when it comes to making and keeping friends. This life skill just doesn’t come naturally to them. If this sounds like your child, I can help them learn and effectively use the skills needed to attract positive and rewarding friendships – and then to transform those friendships into a long-term support system.

Coming To Terms With Identity

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If your child needs help coming to terms with identity, or if the family needs help accepting your child’s identity, then I can help with this important life deicsion in a compassionate and authentic way.

I know that every family has unique challenges that must be overcome in the fastest way possible, which is why I only use science-based practices and techniques that are proven to work when families put in the effort to make change happen.

Research shows that the faster you get help for your child and your family, the faster you will see change, so let’s get started working together today.

The first step is to set up a free 20-minute phone consultation. This is your opportunity to tell me a little bit about the challenges your family is currently facing so we can begin creating a plan that brings you some relief today.

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I Offer The Following Services:

Therapy For Tweens

Research tells us that many mental health issues can begin as early as the tween years. This is because as tweens try to navigate the various tumultuous transitions that accompany the tween years — physical, emotional, hormonal, social, intellectual — the pressures and problems they encounter can all too easily seem overwhelming.

Ensure that your child’s challenges during these years do not turn into long-term issues by getting them help now.

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Therapy For Teens

Being a Modern Teenager can be very stressful. Some teens have difficulty keeping up in school, making friends, getting along with family members, and figuring out just where they fit into a larger world.

Add to that the mounting pressures technology and social media place on teens, and it’s clear why so many struggle with being emotionally and mentally healthy.

Therapy can help your teen gain the self-confidence and the voice they need to get through these years successfully..

Therapy For Young Adults

If you are a young adult who is struggling to find their way – or the parent of one – you’ve come to the right place.

Some young adults can’t move on and live up to their full potential because they have unresolved mental health issues, have never fully processed a traumatic event, or they never had the opportunity to learn the necessary life skills required to accomplish their dreams and life goals.

Whatever the reason why the young adult is struggling, we can help.

Parent-Child Therapy

Parent-child therapy is a great opportunity to improve your relationship with your child.

Allowing a knowledgeable third party to help you work through a particular difficult situation in a calm and nonjudgemental environment is the first step in repairing this important relationship.

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Family Therapy

Sometimes the whole family is affected by a situation or an event and healing needs to happen with all family members in the room.

Both traditional families (when Mom and dad are married) and non-traditional families (anything OTHER than the traditional nuclear family) need help processing difficult situations and communicating more effectively.

No matter what your family looks like, Modern Parenting Solutons can help.

Parenting Support

Sometimes Modern Parents need support, and Modern Parenting Solutions can provide the necessary education, validation, and empathy that you need to overcome a difficult family situation.

When kids have behavioral problems, chronic medical issues, or any other challenging circumstance, it makes sense that parents need support in order to have the energy, knowledge, and perseverance needed to help their families in these instances.

Hello! I’m Dr. Becca Ballinger

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Modern Parenting Expert

Modern Parenting Solutions is a place where I can work with kids and families one-on-one to help them overcome their challenges.

For the last 8 years, I’ve written extensively for large publications and provided trainings and seminars on Modern Parenting topics, but there’s nothing like working with kids, teens, and families individually. 

As a parent to two wonderful young adults, I know first-hand the challenges that both parents and kids face today – but these challenges don’t have to become a permanent impediment that follows your child into adulthood!

As a graduate of the doctoral program at Loma Linda University, my research and training background is with suicidal, self-harming adolescents and their families. This means that I’m comfortable with helping families overcome a wide variety of problems – from low self-esteem, anxiety, academic difficulties, and family communication to some of the most serious challenges that occur in the family system.

Click the button below to schedule a free telephone consultation to see if I am a good fit to work with your family. Click the green button below and select “Initial Phone Consultation – No Charge” and we can begin developing a science-based, effective treatment plan so that you can begin experiencing relief right away.

What People Are Saying...

“Dr. Ballinger helped our family in ways that we didn’t think possible.” ~ Family E

What People Are Saying...

“Even though our family isn’t what other people view as “traditional,” Dr. Ballinger helped us be proud of our family and now our family has become a source of happiness and support for all of us!” ~ Family T

What People Are Saying...

“We needed help right away with our child’s difficulties and Dr. Ballinger helped us find the answers we needed.” ~ Family M

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