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Free Emotion Cards

Help your child have a label for their emotions! As a child psychologist, I created these cards for use with my child and teens...

How To Plan For Your Next Parenting Chapter

Modern Parenting is all about transitioning from one chapter to the next. As much as you might want to, you just can’t stop change....

Family Transitions and Taking Breaks

Recently, my Modern Family went through a major transition. My youngest child moved away to college! Wow! I can’t believe that I’m...

Are You Being Your Child’s Parent…or Their Roommate?

Recently, there seems to be a new trend popping up with my adolescent and teen clients that I see in my Southern California private...

How I Became A Modern Parenting Expert

NOTE: I'm in the middle of writing my Modern Parenting book, where I share my personal experience with the events that happened to...

Encouraging Your Child’s Sense of Self, Even When You Don’t Share The Same Beliefs

This weekend, many passionate individuals marched in one of many Women's Marches around the country. Their common values and beliefs...

The Top Modern Parenting Trends of 2019

As a child psychologist and a Modern Parenting Expert, I’ve worked with parents a lot over the years, and I’ve noticed a slight...

Considering Giving Your Child a Cell Phone This Christmas? Make Sure Your Child Has Met These Milestones First

There are so many benefits to allowing your child to have their own cell phone, and Christmas provides a great opportunity to...

Preparing Your Anxious Child For A New School Year Checklist

Starting a new school year can be very anxiety-provoking for some kids.

They worry about their grades…whether their teacher will like them…whether their peers will like them.

Basically, they worry more than other kids their age about…EVERYTHING.

Help them make this school year different by following my step-by-step checklist. This checklist will help you feel confident in preparing your child to start this new school year on a POSITIVE note.

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