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 Tired of walking on eggshells around any discussion of your child’s anxiety? 

 Learn how to talk with your child about their anxiety in a way where you partner with your child to help them manage their anxious feelings.

 Create an individualized anxiety plan with your child – become a partner (not just an observer!) in the management of their anxiety

 It takes LESS than an hour to read the eBook – that means you can get started helping your child find relief TODAY.

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By purchasing today, you also gain access to 3 FREE training videos that will help you further use the information taught in the eBook to help you work with your child. Dr. Ballinger takes you step-by-step through several of the techniques taught in the eBook so that you can be as successful as possible in helping your child manage their anxiety at home. 

The eBook and training videos are all housed on the Teachable platform, which is where Dr. Ballinger keeps all of her Modern Parenting educational materials.

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All About Dr. Becca Ballinger

“You CAN Help Your Child Manage Their Emotions Safely” 

Hi! I’m Dr. Becca Ballinger, a clinical psychologist and Modern Parenting Expert. 

I’ve helped many kids with their anxiety in my private practice in California and over the years I’ve developed a strategy that helps parents become a proactive partner in helping their child manage their anxiety at home. Because I’ve seen such success with this strategy, I want to share it with you too so that you can help your child feel better and have fun with life again!


Gain a common language that makes your child WANT to talk to you about their anxiety.


Create a plan WITH your child and become a partner with them on their path to managing their anxiety.


Take pride in the fact that you are an active participant in your child’s ability to overcome their anxiety

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2. You’ll then be taken to my education platform on Teachable – this is where I house my education books and videos for parents

3. Go to your Teachable page and download the ebook. 

4. After reading the ebook, then watch the 4 free training videos that I’ve included with the ebook.

5. Then start talking with your child right away – the sooner you begin, the sooner they will begin feeling better!

Thank you and enjoy!