Quiz Results

Based on your answer to the quiz, your child may have some symptoms of an anxiety disorder

How did we come to that conclusion?

This self-test was adapted from two helpful resources that many professionals use to screen children and teenagers for anxiety disorders: Anxiety and Depression Association of America Scale For Children and the Spence Children’s Anxiety Scale. This is not a diagnostic tool, but it provides a basic way to help parents decide whether or not to schedule a follow-up appointment with a mental health professional to fully assess their child or teenager.  An accurate diagnosis can only be made through clinical evaluation with a professional.

Considering a mental health evaluation for your child can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Dr. Becca Ballinger at Modern Parenting Solutions has many years of experience helping kids overcome their anxiety, and she can help your child too.

The silver lining for anxiety disorders is that they are VERY treatable – especially when addressed during adolescence (ages 12-18). Individual therapy allows the child and teenager to 1) process any difficult or traumatic events that may be contributing to the child’s anxiety, allowing them to move past these events in a healthy way; 2) learn coping skills to manage their anxiety when they become triggered; 3) repair or improve the family and peer relationships in their life so that they create a positive support system that serves to help the child overcome their anxiety; and 4) live up to their full potential and stop anxiety from holding them back from the wonderful future that they deserve.

Simply click the green button below or call (909) 326-2562 to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation to speak to Dr. Ballinger and receive a personalized evaluation of your child’s specific circumstances. This call can be the beginning of a whole new life for your child – just imagine what they could do if they weren’t constantly being sidelined by their anxiety!



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