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Because Becca is THE Modern Parenting Expert, her unique take on raising classically great kids in a modern world complements any podcast, online news source, or print publication. 

Modern Kids & Motivation

Modern Kids aren’t doomed to be lazy, uninteresting brats! Kids of any age can learn to be self-motivated to pursue worthwhile interests, and Becca has years of experience teaching the Self-Motivation Formula – her signature online course and workshop. This method has helped countless Modern Parents work with their kids to overcome motivation challenges, and Becca loves to share lots of tips and tricks to help Modern Parents jumpstart their child’s self-motivation transformation.

Modern Kids & Anxiety

Tired of looking on helplessly while your child experiences stress from school, extra curricular activities, and social expectations? Today’s kids have so many expectations thrust upon them that it’s no wonder that today’s youth are experiencing way more stress than past generations! Becca helps Modern Parents learn techniques that they can use with their Modern Kids to help them handle (or eliminate!) the stress that comes along with being a kid in today’s world.

Nontraditional Families

Recent scientific studies are showing us that families of all types can produce great kids. It’s not so much about what the family looks like, but more about how the family functions that serves to raise kids that are intelligent, moral, and dynamic. As Becca parented her own kids in a nontraditional family, she loves to talk about her personal experience with her own family in a way that encourages and inspires other non traditional families.


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Becca can travel to your location and provide an in-depth training on several of her favorite Modern Parenting topics.


2-Hour, 4-Hour, or 6-Hour Workshops

Becca’s 2-, 4-, or 6-hour workshops are the perfect way to take a deep-dive into a Modern Parenting topic. Her workshops are fun, full of practical

solutions, and, most importantly, they help Modern Parents gain confidence and skills to parent their Modern Kids successfully.

These workshops are perfect for parenting groups with members wanting to “up their parenting game” and businesses wanting to support their employees with work/life balance strategies. Becca comes prepared with Powerpoint presentations, videos, and worksheets that compliment the Modern parenting topic of your choice.


Workshop Topics

There are so many Modern Parenting topics that Becca is well-versed to speak about. Some of her favorite topics to discuss are:

  • Helping Modern Kids overcome motivation problems
  • Empowering parents to help their child live comfortably in a stressful world by working with their child to reduce their anxiety
  • Parenting successfully in a nontraditional family
  • Creating a healthy life that includes work/life balance.

Got a specific Modern Parenting topic you’d like tackled? Just ask! Becca can probably create a workshop just for you!


Becca’s Workshops Compliment Any Organizational Event 

Becca’s workshops are always positive, uplifting, and educational. They are a perfect fit for parenting clubs, school district assemblies, and corporate employee events. While Becca instructs and informs the audience on the chosen Modern Parenting topic, she also encourages community and collaboration during the presentation by allowing time for audience participation.

Becca is very flexible and will work with the organization planner to create a specialized presentation that works best for all involved.


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Do you live in California? Becca is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California and can provide therapy for tweens, teens, young adults, and families either in-person or through a HIPAA compliant video portal.

Visit her private practice website at ModernParentingSolutions.org or call (909) 326-2562 to inquire about an appointment.

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Becca enjoys sharing her Modern Parenting strategies and insights with audiences all over the world.